Friday, February 23, 2007

we're off to see the wizard

the wizard of oz is chock full of symbols and archetypes, i personally covet
the magical transportation powers of the red shoes, a "must have" accessory.
how easy to click your heels and presto. the yellow brick road; it clearly
leads to oz, which ultimately leads to home. all the silly girl has to do is
follow it, and even if she were colour blind or directionally challenged she
has a posse of oddballs to help sort her out.

sometimes there is the obvious smoothly paved road to oz/home, so much
easier and less likely to twist your ankle than the dusty, pebbled dirt road
complete with tumbleweeds blowing across it. this road is invariably
accompanied by "cue scary movie music" as the silly heroine proceeds
forward, while you scream helplessly at the screen "you idiot, how could you
be so stupid, isn't it obvious?!" she then winds up enduring all manner of
"could have been avoided unpleasantness". however she reassuringly makes it
through to the final credits, hair mussed up and a "new", sexy ripped up
version of what she started off wearing.

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