Friday, February 23, 2007

pot: "youre black". kettle: "youre a procrastinator"

i am sick; stuffed up, dripping, raspy, throaty, sore, lightheaded, dizzy, disoriented. either a drunk, old homeless dude or a postmenopausal drag queen with several decades of nicotine addiction tucked under her belt. i went to rite aide this evening to pick up something that would knock both me and the germs i am trying to evict, out for the count. the seasonal shelves had been pillaged, it was a wasteland until the valentine card aisle, where it suddenly looked like the outdoor grilling section at home depot.

talk about leaving things up until the last possible moment. i am a hypocrite, i procrastinate on far too many things, case in point; i do not take vitamin c UNTIL i get sick. now i am sick i cant find the bloody bottle from last time because it's been so long.

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