Thursday, February 22, 2007

knickers: form vs function

i was recently "surveyed" by a friend of mine in search of the female perspective (not sure mine is the "typical" view, but i do have a uterus) on guy's underwear. i don't like Y-fronts. translation: these are your american "tightie whities" with the little y-shaped opening at the front so you boys don't even have to drop your drawers to relieve yourselves. i understand the concept of comfort, and i'm sure having adequate support for your crown jewels is an important consideration in undie selection, however, i have yet to run into any female that has a particular penchant for them. speaking for my "tribe", i would have to say that boxers are the way to go. cotton (not silk), patterns or designs are fine, just no cartoon characters or lewd sentences. boxer briefs are a good compromise for those who want to feel contained, but still maintain their credibility of cool. gold lamee boxer shorts are not my cup of tea; you know who you are!

i suppose the female equivalent would be the normal knicker verus the g-string. guys seem to like these, but then they're used to those 'giving each other wedgie' rituals, i suppose in much the same way i am used to having pillow fights in my underwear. there appears to be another urban legend floating around that girls wear matching underwear. perhaps it's time to update my eye prescription. i realize that target has trademarked disney, looney tunes, and every kind of stripe, polka dot, and 60's hippie flower design known to man, but bras generally don't come in this style, and certainly none that you can wear under a white shirt to work. i do not know any girls that habitually wear the lacey, ribbony victoria's secret ensembles; they do match, but why spend $50 on a pair of knickers (the salt and pepper "condiments" of your wardrobe) that make you itch? that's a high price to pay for a matching rash. and to the ladies and gentlemen that go commando; "eeeeeeeeeeee, messy!" to the girls and "ow, chafing" to the pair of you.

perhaps my friend should open his survey up to the girls who have rubbermaid containers full of 'purses for different occasions' under their beds, or who host candle/pampered chef/southern living parties. i have a feeling their knickers can probably be matched up with their purses.

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