Thursday, February 22, 2007


i got a birthday card today. my birthday has already been and gone, but this was the one i have been anxiously awaiting. my "senders" are all fairly predictable; my brother can be guaranteed to send me something with farts, poo and/or explosive diahhrea (ahhhh, the british scatalogical sense of humour). my parents, which means my mum (it's a tag team endeavour, she picks the card out, he goes to the post office to send it), will select something fun, girly and cute. my closest female friend will go with fairies or princesses, and the other one will typically forget (closely correlated to her non-compliance with her stimulant medications). none of these cards have arrived yet, but most are coming from different countries with unreliable postal systems.

this is my "home-made card" sender, and this is what i look forward to most about my birthday now i no longer play with barbies. by home-made i don't mean construction paper, doilies and glitter, nor do i mean cheesy cut and paste computer programs. these cards are random and silly and they always make me smile; they represent "knowing me". i don't know why i'm so surprised.

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