Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i (still) hate maths

i used to think those problem solving maths problems that involved:

"michael is going to an interview at edinburgh university (he lives in leeds) he is driving at 80km/ph, he has half a tank of petrol, and will hit rush hour traffic in newcastle. did he decide to where the blue striped tie or the red one with the polka dots?"

were really dumb and pointless. i was just sitting there with my best friend, doodling on her pencil case and could not begin to imagine how this could possibly impact or benefit my life in any way, shape or form.

until now.

undertaking any kind of motorvehicular excursion involves planning; petrol stations and pee breaks, calculating mileage and gas consumption, and finally what playlists to karaoke along to.

man, i wish i had paid more attention in school.

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saltandsaffron said...

i think it was this which lead to the possible invention of movies like i,robot with cars that drive themselves!! only wish tht they cud actually put them on roads!