Wednesday, February 28, 2007

art therapy

"draw your current mood state in this mandala", "draw/use clay to represent your support system using only lines, shapes and colours", "draw your current problem/obstacle/soultion", "using collage, create 3 wishes that you have for yourself, your family, the wold". i can issue these directives by rote, the participants are then able to pretty much self generate their process.

i have neglected my own process. my oil paint is dry, the caps cemented to the tubes, the pastel boxes are covered in dust, and i cant even find my sketchbook.

i recently started to reacquaint myself with my own internal, visual dialogue- and i like it. i remember why i chose this field in the first place. it is easy to forget the catharsis that comes from smearing colour around a surface, especially when you have been busy putting out fires of crisis with abused and neglected children. recurring themes are beginning to appear on paper, not solutions, but at least understanding.

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Kadillac said...

I love your blog spot! It's a bookmark in my browser. You better call me if you're gonna be on the road soon!!! I'll definitely see you in November in Louisville... come to dball if you're still in town on Thurs... 8PM game baby... I should forward you the emails as an honorable, LOA member... :)

The creative process is beautiful!