Thursday, February 22, 2007

born to way

no, this is not about my comittment issues. i am actually very comitted to the way i like to run. or rather the places i like to run. i had no idea i was so "autistic" about my running until i tried something different. once i get my route or loop set, i can shift into autopilot and just cruise. obviously it is good to try different things (in all aspects of life) because it does help refine and reinforce preferences, and ultimately what works.

i do not enjoy running along busy streets. bardstown road (louisville's hipster drag) always seemed an odd choice for running (unless the motivation was "see and be seen", similar to running the wrong way round the loop at cherokee; facing traffic and me!). i do not enjoy playing 'dodge the pedestrian', they are usually moving with the speed and unpredictability of old people pushing trolleys at wal mart; they are not expecting someone to come pounding and panting up behind them. at least in a park setting the mosiers are prepared for runners, cyclists, and women with dogs on leashes the length of kite strings. when i am a pedestrian on the aforementioned type of street (coffee shops frequented by people wearing lots of black and playing chess, and swanky out door seating restaurants swarming with brandi's, brett's, britney's, and bailey's) i am in people watching mode, and assume others are doing the same. when i am running, i am not in "being people watched" mode, even on days that don't involve getting my heart rate up to frenzied states i rarely have perfect hair, make up, or tight flesh. i do not enjoy breaking my rhythm for traffic lights or cars pulling out of nowhere, oblivous to their 1,500lbs worth of 'baby on board' mini van versus my 112lbs worth of 'booty on board'. this is why i have a fear of road bikes (that and the drop handle bars feel really weird).

i do not profess to being a trail running queen either. unless it's fairly flat and vanilla i have a hard time negotiating a lot of roots and obstacle course type things. i have the co-ordination of a 21 year old sorority girl on jello shots (hence the riding my mountain bike off a 3 foot bridge into a dry creek). i do not need a lot of visual stimulation while i am running, my sensory threshold is pretty low, all i ask for is a clear path, fully functioning lungs, and the ability to shift into cruise mode in order to secure my endorphin high.

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