Thursday, February 22, 2007

hallmark moments

i should buy shares. i have sent happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy easter, happy thanksgiving, happy new year, happy chinese new year, happy valentine's day, happy christmas, happy st. patrick's day, happy hannukah, i'm sorry you're sick, i'm sorry you're leaving, i'm sorry i'm leaving, thank you, i'm sorry for your loss, i miss you, i'm thinking of you, merry christmas, eid mubarak, congratulations on your graduation, congratulations on your bat mitzvah, congratulations on passing your driving test, congratulations on your new house/job/move/engagement/wedding/boy/girl. i have all the holidays and non-holidays covered except for congratulations on your divorce and happy secretaries/sweethearts.

i have never met a single, solitary person to send a kwanzaa card to, and i have friends covering most backgrounds. where are all the people celebrating kwanzaa? come and introduce yourself; i'll send you a card.

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