Friday, February 23, 2007

Attention Deficit Television Disorder

have you ever thought how boring those 3-5 minutes that you spend pumping petrol into your car can be? i personally watch the numbers rack up in abject horror that filling my car is now comparable to buying a pair of shoes, albeit cheap ones. this is also usually done while i'm trying to stand frozen at an angle that will maintain optimum flow, a slight shift down and the machine assumes my transaction is complete and begins offering me receipt choices. thanks to a 20 inch tv screen built into pump # 3, i can now catch up on 20 seconds of local news before i learn who is the "fastest" and "most experienced" lawyer that can get me out of those pesky DUI's. i sincerely hope these clever design people hurry up and install a tv into washing machine lids, god knows i could do with the distraction while im pouring a cup of tide onto my dirty socks.

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