Friday, February 23, 2007

the promise of the ring

heads up; this is going to be a soap box moment, so you may want to go back to trawling your friend's friends list. it is so interesting how much energy (and 4 months worth of pay cheques) is invested into what is essentially metal and rock. their is an entire lexical set that is involved with these "accessories of love"; cuts, clarity and carats. it is obviously important to the wear-er that it be of a certain type to match personality, price bracket, or size so as to eclispse the sun. anything less than substantial can apparently bring out "demanding" and "whiney". i had not realized that some wear-ee's egos were also on the line when their beloveds flashed about what equates to the size of their penis (wallet) personified for all to ooh and ahh over. these small, but loaded items have been used as tools of bartering and manipulation. i know a girl whose ring was lobbed at the microwave (the ring made it, the glass door was not so fortunate). their are also the stories of motives behind certain behaviours being questioned as a way to elicit a forthcoming ring/proposal. this rather belongs in the category of life mistakes that involve "having an oopsy" to save a marriage.

ultimately, i too fall into the category of picky female; these are my criteria. i cannot wear the burden and responsibility for something that costs as much a a car (or would expect somebody else to burden their bank accounts). i am flighty, forgetful and accident prone. i cannot deal with an accessory that requires babysitting; remembering to take it on and off when washing dishes or wearing riding gloves. my father has accused me on several of occasions of being cheap (with a slight note of pride in his voice i might add), but i would rather re-frame it as practical, but then he has also seen the plastic casio watch ive been wearing since childhood.

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