Tuesday, March 2, 2010

saying your vows

repeat after me:

[vigorously elbowing]

"stop snoring!"

"stop elbowing me!"

"well, stop snoring. i can't sleep"

"now i'm not sleeping!"

"but you were!"

"just go to sleep!"

"i can't sleep if you're snoring!"

"if you're sleeping you wont hear me snore!"

"well, just roll over onto your side. when you lay on your back you tend to snore more"

"stop talking, i'm trying to sleep"

"well, stop snoring, i'm trying to get to sleep"

[rolls over]

"now i can't go to sleep...do you think you could turn your alarm clock to face the other way, the light from the numbers is keeping me awake?"

"just close your eyes, then it will be dark"

"it's not the same, i can still see the light and it's keeping me awake"

[mutual sighs]

repeat nightly.


Kat Fulton said...

Ha ha ha!!! I'm so glad that I've joined the rest of the world and finally figured out how to use my igoogle reader, so I can keep track of your blog regularly... I know where to go for a good laugh. Just catch up on Disa's life! =) LOVE your invite. Pix are fantastic. You're a riot. Lots of love from SD.

Disa said...

chica! glad you got the invite :) i'll be SD/LA bound in a couple of weeks for the marathon. i think i figured out how to "follow" your blog now. :)

mansuetude said...

where have i heard this before? in a dream of sleep!

lots of women are sleep deprived from men snoring ...

Disa said...

quite. no nightly prayers, just this ritual :)