Wednesday, March 10, 2010

even if you say you aren't that kind of girl; you are

- i'm going to run to the office supply place, do you need anything?


- some wine?

- i don't think they sell that in the paperclip aisle.


- maybe cheesecake then? or ice-cream?

20 minutes later.

- I'm making the turn where i can either go home or stop and get ice-cream/wine/cheescake, do you want me to stop?

- .....i don't know....

- make the decision!

- ok. no! i don't need it, i don't want to get fat.

5 minutes later, walking through the door.

- did you get...anything....?

- no. you said you didn't want anything.

- i didn't MEAN it!

- well. i'm going to return these movies. are you sure you don't want something?

- ...i don't know..?

15 minutes later

- i'm at the supermarket, do you want anything?

- no. well, yes. but no. i don't NEED anything.

- and you're not going to ask me why i don't have it when i get home?

- well...yes. i just don't want to get fat. i don't need it.

- ok, then.

- siiiiiiiiigh.

- so you want me to get you something?

- no. i want you to make the decision, so i don't have to and then i can just blame you.


- so... are you going to get something?

- no. not unless you say the words and tell me what you want.

- well...why don't you just get a treat for the dogs instead...

- ok.

- sigh.

[5 minutes later, a photo text of the frozen dessert aisle arrives]

- you are such a jerk!

- i'm getting ready to leave...last chance.

- no!

10 minutes later, walking through the door.

- did you get me anything?


- YES!!!!!!


mansuetude said...

always ask for lobster silly!
and wine.

that is why texting was invented, to text a secret note about the things you "forgot" to put on the list..

really you made me smile and i need to smile... smiling must help something i am trying to recall how it works... : )

hope you aren't getting the rain storm Massachusetts is in.

Disa said...

good call. smiling is good, im in sunny southern california right now, so definitely smiling (that i'm missing the east coast rain).