Friday, January 1, 2010

dehydration during exercise can actually increase performance

clearly, there is some egghead over at NASA who needs to get cracking on the prototype for a pair of athletic incontinence underpants. nike, patagonia, under armour et al. are all ripping holes in our wallets so that we can be suitably kitted out to perform various x-treme and/or athletic pursuits in matching and wicking caps/shirts/shorts/socks.

for a mere $29.99 (plus tax and shipping), skymall will deliver a fruit dehyrdrator to your front door. it is therefore, not inconceivable that many from the swim-bike-run community would be happy to part with their cash, so that they can have moisture wicked away from all the wet and dank creases, while engaging in several hours of uninterrupted activity. savings would be more than made up for in a PR, and none of that pesky pre-race anxiety at the port-a-loos. athletes could drink that third cup of coffee and just head straight out the door, assured in the knowledge that they will not have to look for a dodgy public toilet, or a large copse of trees on sunday's long training day. by the time the swim/bike/run is complete, all that will be left to empty out of your shorts is a hard, dry pebble. 100% chafe-free.

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