Wednesday, December 30, 2009

there are definitely more than 12 days to christmas

in no particular order, except the gregorian one:

one nice idea (to invite far flung aunt/uncle/mother/sister/3 nieces, for a lampoon christmas vacation).

two mildy traumatized pooches (from either being picked up, or fiercely patted on the head by an overzealous toddler).

three bottles of wine/beer/2% milk consumed daily (by each age group, respectively).

four o'clock in the morning wake-up calls (related to the senior family members rising to brew coffee, or the junior ones to make a general "what's on disney channel?" ruckus).

FIVE christmas presents to RE-GIFT (what social occasion calls for a naughty nun and/or eve costume, paired with an obama baseball cap?).

six lobster exoskeletons discarded (per both "we have visitors in town, let's have lobster for xmas eve and new year's eve, eve, plus i can't be bothered to cook again" dinner sittings).

seven trips to the airport (to include multiples to collect wayward family members caught up in terrorist related delays).

eight incomplete hours of solid sleep (by everyone except the dogs and toddlers, who were at least able to nap at the restaurant table during lunch).

nine two way conversations (going on simulataneously, that no one was actually listening to, of which aunt margaret admitted "i just made that up" to at least three).

ten hours before departure, that one nervous family member insisted upon being dropped off at the airport (to be sure she made the flight).

eleven incidents related to improper or negligent use of a cell phone (infractions include; calling, leaving a message, and then immediately switching off the phone; leaving said phone switched off and in the suitcase at home when going to the airport to collect the uncle/brother arriving from florida, who does actually have a cell and knows how to use it; travelling without a phone during 'terrorist and winter weather' season; not setting up a voicemail, so that messages cannot be left/missed calls cannot be noted when the phone is eventually switched on again some time after the pilot has landed and said it is ok to do so).

twelve frostbitten phalanges (from agreeing to snowshoe in 15 degree weather, never mind about the wind chill, we will do an "activity", damnit).


mansuetude said...

ah yes, the we will do an activity damn it, is big on one of my sister's family list of do do do... am i punning on poo poo ... well we had fun nonetheless.

we may have criss crossed airport visits... new england. I miss and love it ... envy you all the way.

a great post!
those multi lane convos are a feast... nobody uses the horn... sweet oblivion resides in that drone of sound.

Disa said...

next year i'll take 4 calling birds, the partridge and the pear tree. same amount of cleaning up after both sets of "guests"