Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tucked or untucked?

these boots were made for walking; the dog; to pick up piles of steaming, snow dusted poo.

the temperature has recently changed from 'mostly flip flops with a slight chance of a cute closed toe' to 'heavy periods of gloves and hat' just to pry myself out of bed.

"fall" is indeed here, something that brings americans to such a state of seasonal rapture that they forget two weeks of pumpkins and red leaves, inevitably gives way to months of frozen petrol caps and blue fingers. however, the opportunity to wear boots more than makes up for it. so i'm told.

thanks to people magazine, i know to wear fur lined boots with a pair of carpenter shorts, and PVC thigh highs with even less. however, the winter wardrobe poses more of an opportunity to get my own, never-been-worn, boots in a bind. there are just far too many variables to contend with when trying to co-ordinate colour, texture, height and the 'what to do with the trouser leg' dilemma.

next on the agenda is a trip to the l.l. bean outlet- "bean's" to locals- for a pair of snow shoes.


mansuetude said...

smiling over here...
fall and mittens already!
i turned the heat on today; its only 65...

i've been to that Bean store... !
ski in a mini skirt!

Disa said...

i've seen those mini skirts in the athleta catalogues!

JAWZ3 said...

is this waht they call kinky boots?