Monday, October 19, 2009

staying classy in the 04240

small(er) town living means being on a first name basis with your mail carrier, facebook friending- and donating farm animals to- the postmaster at the down town building, and being given your very own nickname ("fred") by the postal workers in the back sorting office. it also means contributing to the max. capacity for fire safety statutes at 'maine's very first gay bar's last night in business'.

preconceived notions that a new england drag show is just an endless stream of leggy blonde lovelies twirling ski poles on their adam's apple, or at the very least a puffy jacket striptease down to the long, silk undies, are about as false as their fleece lined implants.

these are:


mansuetude said...

where is this?
r us gonna dress like that to run the marathon?

a wild night...

Disa said...

lewiston-auburn; it's an old mill town. wow, think of all the chafing involved with an outfit like that. i think i'd give myself a yeast infection after 26.2 miles of wearing the hose.