Monday, July 27, 2009

lobster, lighthouses, lactate thresholds, and a rather lacklustre attitude

after spending 7 plus hours confined to a delta airlines economy class seat, a jet lag haze eclipsed the reality of how this would impact the integrity of my hip flexors for the (locally) ubiquitous 50 mile 'lobster ride and roll' a day later. scenic views, a caloric deficit, and white bread stuffed with sweet crustacean claws were my sparkly, shiny object.

a zen like state was finally achieved when peanut m&ms provided a blissful trance from the fugue that had settled in by mile 25.

i can obviously blame transatlantic travel for a less than stellar performance at the 'lobster'. and ever the planner, my crappy effort during the 'dempsey bike challenge' at the beginning of october will be attributed to an intensive marathon training schedule leading up to it. this will also go towards explaining an equally geriatric endeavour at the marine corps marathon (at the end of october), because i knackered out my legs on the very hill bike course 3 weeks prior.

'making excuses intervals' is the only area of cross training where i am currently exceeding expectations.


mansuetude said...

peanut m&m;s are a form of gold! edible bliss. lobster and such and that view... you make my heart happy!

Great photos. you are smiling so i KNOW your yoga practice is working.

Disa said...

have never quite acculturated to the chocolate/peanut combination, i guess this mean i am officially going "native", although pb and jam still doesn't float the taste boat- unless it's slathered in marmite!

mansuetude said...

blaahhh! :- + (me sticking m,y tongue out! :)

pb and J never me liked it!

mar (bad) mite (bugs)--
a poetic translation???

Disa said...

it's hard to imagine anyone this side of the atlantic getting poetic about marmite- only you.:)