Saturday, July 25, 2009

"get a grip!"

was the terse instruction issued from 'my brother the pilot' in response to his sister's perseverative thoughts on airbus versus boeing disasters, shattering pelvises upon impacting the atlantic ocean, and how to break into a cockpit in order to administer CPR to an arresting crew member.

and so i did.

however, i don't know if the richter scale turbulence while transitioning from US to canadian airspace was quite as traumatic as the 45 minute connector's aisle side view of an ambulatory and verbal child, in possession of at least his incisors, latched to his mother's mammary. not a surprise then, to overhear that they were ultimately, seattle bound.

to keep the laws of crappy airline travel in perfect alignment, the return journey, while relatively turbulence (and therefore bruise) free, was equally trying. kennedy airport has obviously been laid out with the same design aplomb that you would expect from a 5 year old with a bucket of lego. and may also be the only employer that is currently over staffed, albeit with 28 year old soporific "teenagers" whose pace, and overall demeanour are clearly not congruent with even a low level customer service experience.


mansuetude said...

well well, such sights you bring us back!

i am glad you are back, and "safe" on ground...

--being not a happy camper is probably better than being a crappy camper! :)

Disa said...

i learned a new term- you being a northeasterner have no doubt heard- "upta camp". it is on my 'to do list' of experiences now :)

mansuetude said...

oh, and the summer traffic jams to go with it! Yes. On the lake (a lake) for the summers... my mother used to drag me upta camp every weekend then all the time!

didn't i tell you once, i told a Louisiana friend about "frost heaves" and he thought i was making sexual enuendos... till he interviewed for a job up in Beantown! That deflated his whole frost heave :)
What a mess.

Disa said...

yes, i saw signs for frost heaves when driving over vermont- the yang to a yin pothole!