Thursday, June 18, 2009

diner pour quatre

"i invited the oral surgeon and his wife over for dinner next friday."

apparently you have confused my compulsive behaviour about keeping meat in the meat drawer, instead of thrown on top of the bag of arugala and a cheesecake, for someone who appliques apple pies and is fluent in ironing. and these are not the kind of people who come over for a "build your own pizza from this fine selection of ingredients i have procured and we'll just work our way through a kiddie pool of cheap wine" night.

"well, it's a good thing you are so well versed with the gas grill and it's various accessories".

except the good doctor doesn't eat red meat, and his missus is a vegetarian (obviously not an animal rights one, as evidenced by the floor length fur she wore out to dinner in march), and we do not own a "dining room table". *

unfortunately whole foods has yet to develop a line of ezee sundried shitake steaks nestled on an artisan bed of flambeed orzo infused with a rustic pine cone pesto. the default "order the steamed lobster and clams carry out for four" is not going to work as they are "mainers", and my own one trick foo-foo pony does not meet the previously referenced dietary criteria.

i can only hope that one of them has a '6 month old crack head labrador puppy' allergy.

* "dining room table" being the litmus of achieving 'now we have somewhere to put a large silk table runner and centre piece to really reinforce how little we will use this overpriced pile of kindling' adulthood.


mansuetude said...

a vegetarian with a fur...

quite an idea.

i am grinning. you make me grin. now i am laughing.

serve strong drinks.

Disa said...

the problem is, i brought this little contradiction to the attention of my dearly beloved, and he has absolutely no qualms about opening his mouth and bringing these things up to people. i can only hope that this will lead to no further dinner invitations or acceptances going forward.

mansuetude said...

you can always ask the Inviter to cook for the invitees... hands off policy.

pasta primavera (with fresh fishes) an easy thing to practice! (ok you can throw something muddy at me).