Friday, June 19, 2009

committed to underachieving *

learning how to play bohemian rhapsody on the cello and singing the lyrics in mandarin seems rather a silly idea when you can just sit on the couch for 9 hours and read the complete works of bill bryson.

as such, i found myself pedaling with the 'bunco' group on wednesday night's road ride, quite comfortable in the diverse ecto/endo/meso demographic. not one to strive for excellence, it was reassurance enough to see an abundance of cotton athletic wear, bike helmets that belonged in "free styrofoam cooler with a 12 pack of bud light", in the beer cave at the local petrol station-- and even a kick stand or two.

not unlike my performance on tuesday night 'cardio crack at the track', i am more comfortable hanging back with my new buddy "kickstand", dodging potholes (road cellulite being more hazardous to the long term appearance of skin than a gallon of haagen dazs), and not overtaxing the pulmonary artery, it's associated ventricles, or the city to finance an ambulance plus crew.

predictably (in much the same way, that drawing and labeling the different types of triangles in lower level maths class finally had me gagging for sines and cosines the next group up), i started drifting ahead towards the next set of pedaling bottoms. this in itself presents a new learning moment as i appeared to miss the "i'm going to move to the left, so now you ride up front and shield me from the bugs/take a pull" cue.

i have officially upgraded from 'bunco' to 'canasta'.

* "sandbagger"** being the more technical term.

** given the presence of spandex, ergo "saddlebagger".


mansuetude said...

hey Bunky, what is a Canasta?

now, how do u get a pothole? (the reverse of a pot belly)

forst heave!
Sounds like the frost drank too much of something ripple...(ooooof) :)


Disa said...

canasta is a card game my mum used to play around the pool with the other expat lady housewives. i was able to understand this game a little more than when they played bridge- which i think is the female equivalent of golf (a whole lot of sitting and standing around seeing who has the most money/cars/connections, who can help you get more).

jAWZ3 said...

The picture you paint of expat ladY HOUSEWIVES is largely untrue