Friday, May 8, 2009


recently arriving into san diego's airport, i was met with a series of faces that were as familiar to me as those i had just spent 5 hours looking at in US weekly; minus the boobs, botox and bevy of octo-babies-- speaking of, she must be a little cheesed at the whole advent of swine flu now occupying serious, journalistic breakfast television and hysterical, afternoon couch time.




neil shigley is a san diego artist responsible for the series "invisible people" plexiglass prints of the city's homeless population. each print is marked with their personal, transient's co-ordinates; name, age, intersection, and a symbol from the 'hobo alphabet'- google it and improve your trivial pursuit quotient.

and where else, but balboa park, can you take a nap by the rose garden while your unmentionables finish up in the eco-friendly rinse cycle.

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