Monday, May 25, 2009

distance running during the winter does not toughen up one's crotch

due to the last 9 months of: home improvement/puppy is pac man on crack/winter weather makes me want to sit in my recliner and smoke crack, lockdown, there has been very little fat tyre action since last autumn.

what a relief to finally hear the sounds of; bloodsucking electric toothbrushes in my ears, indicating the impending red bubble wrap braille welts around the ankles, kamikaze tree branches leaping into the bike spokes, and to recognize that i have yet to fully master "the wooden bridge"-- or any wooden bridge, for that matter.

my ptfb (post traumatic fear of bridges) is more paralyzing than the one where i balloon to 180lbs and become relegated to shopping in the 'black-stretch-pants-with-stirrups-and-a-"comfort"-waist-band' section at wal-mart. fortunately, this particular state park has many opportunities to systematically desensitize myself with crossings ranging in width from toilet roll to tampon.

only 4 and a half months to go until the 50 miler.


mansuetude said...

your bridge reminds me
reminds me... we used to ski mobile across a ravine in Vermont and what we crossed was just two thin boards--one for each ski of the ski mobile and we had to do it to get to the lake-- big drop down. Told not to look.

good luck
i need some of that aerobic..

Disa said...

i def think that x-country skiing is going to be the winter activity of choice. i hadnt even thought about those narrow little things covered in ice- ugh.