Thursday, February 26, 2009

nut jobs for dogs

with the burgeoning pressure to look good by any means possible, where the size of your crib, car, lingerie and lower lip are inflating faster than octo-mum's bin full of dirty nappies, "neuticles" (TM) are now widely available for those doggies that are tired of the constant ridicule and comparisons with lance armstrong.

for a rather large sum of money (prices range from $80 to $130, depending on size- the "pamela anderson" is popular with chihuahuas- and degree of firmness desired), you can ensure that your post-neutered dog has a set of nuts he can feel proud of airing out at the local park- or stand a chance of qualifying for a shiny rosette at the crufts' show.

unfortunately this could also pose a problem at airport security: "excuse me sir, could you remove your belt, watch and the contents of your dog's nut sack?"

for those owners that can't afford the designer package, the budget plan involves last year's ornaments from the christmas tree.

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