Tuesday, February 17, 2009

goldilocks and the two dogs

as the "family" has expanded, by both number and breed, it was time to upgrade the doggie door from single, sporty mitsubishi eclipse, to solid, roomy toyota SUV.

unfortunately, cutting a hole into a 50 year old house created an indiana jones in the temple of wood shavings situation all over the kitchen floor. apparently it was popular to insulate homes against bitter new england winters by filling the walls with sawdust.

aaaah, just right...

and foamy insulation caulking is a great alternative to squeaky toys and rawhide for rambunctious puppies to cut their teeth on.


mansuetude said...

hello adorable goldilocks.
i love your sun glasses.

just out visiting...but not back yet... you have been funny while i was away... i am grinning so wonderfully. thanks.

Disa said...

you're back! your're back (sort of). i'll take it until you're REALLY back :)