Thursday, December 18, 2008

the ruby slippers

i don't have a fear of flying, it's a more elementary fear of plummeting to the earth, while part of my severed torso is melted to a scorching hot rolls royce jet engine, to become further dismembered upon impacting the atlantic "water is just as hard as concrete at velocity" ocean.


JP said...

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bethany said...

remember when i bought those shoes, and you decided you wanted to be just like me and bought them too!! you and your plane riding really are silly, SAC. btw SAC is your new pet name, it means sand and camels of course. p.s. loved the blog re:snow. what did i tell you about that place up there!

mansuetude said...

if you end up in Oz and meet the wicked witch of the East, you know what to do! Throw a snow ball at her! :)

Merry Christmas.

Disa said...

oddly enoughi am in the east, no wicked witches, and more like balls made of sand. back to the snow soon enough. although skiing rather than any more failed attempts at driving.