Wednesday, September 3, 2008

twenty-six point two; number two

running 26.2 miles has officially been crossed off the "list of things to do before i die" (still waiting for "crush grapes with my feet" and "drown face in chocolate fondue fountain"- as the preferred way to die). however, stepping it up to an ultramarathon, or ironman (yeah, i don't do anything involving 'speedo' couture), is easily over ruled by the chance to repeat comittment vows to my running buddy- who was very "persuasive", employing several bottles of 'blue tattoo' pinot.

at first, i told her she could kiss my reduced, post marathon arse.

then i recalled our apres race euphoria and/or sport bean's delirium, and decided that this would be an excellent way to maintain aforementioned arse's residence in current size of jeans.

if all else fails, then we are strategizing for an energy conservation formation at mile 23...

it will be long distance training, and if this works as well as it has for my relationships, then i will be exchanging gu's with a speedy kenyan at mile marker 20.


mansuetude said...

how long have you two been married?? I can't tell you apart. :)

are you saying "arse" in Maine? They'll be saying, You ain't from around here are you! or is that what the south says to the yankee.

Disa said...

i think new englander's say "aaaaaaaaaaaaahsssss". my accents is old england, hence the "r".

we have been 'partners in running' since january, and are repeatedly confused for each other/sisters, although neither of us see it- must be all the pinot...

ruth said...

CONGRATS on making the commitment.

I've been so stressed at work lately that JUST THIS MORNING, I was thinking, not only do I need another marathon, I think I'll join TNT again and pay the whole fundraising min. myself to avoid THAT pain in the "arse".

Oh- my black toenail finally fell off. A very sad moment. I had grown fond of it.

Disa said...

i covet your black toenail, im hoping i will finally get one with this next round of training. good for you for taking on another comittment. my marathon buddy did TNT her first marathon and said it was a lot more stressful than getting in the mileage each week.