Friday, August 29, 2008

yankee doodle redneck

kfc's are to the bluegrass state, as red lobster's are to vacationland (that's kentucky and maine to those of you not proficient in your state license plates), and these fast food eateries are surprisingly lacking in both aforementioned locations. contrary to the perception that new england is the breeding ground for harvard grads (separated by half a degree from the kennedy's), that were weaned as infants from maple syrup to lobster, quoting thoreau, en francaise, from the cradle, to become nobel prize winners who drive an l.l. bean upholstered subaru to the family's private ski resort, the illusion is dispelled when walking into any wal-mart (vermont may have banned billboards from their landscape, but you cant outlaw wally world); which are just as replete with wifebeater wearing folks, as any rebel flag loving mullet man, in dixie.

in the northeast, however, roundabouts are as commonplace as the very anglo-saxon sounding streets/counties/towns (gloucester, scarborough et al., although the pronunciation is somewhat reminiscent of a midwesterner's elocution of versailles) and yankee motorists actually know how to use them.

roundabouts are also one of the few traffic features that don't have a toll booth upon entering or exiting them.


mansuetude said...

What is a roundabout?
I have no roundabout way of asking; do you mean a traffic circle, as in Merge with your fellow "aham.. .. maniacs--the name for a driver who was born in Maine.?

Do not do not ever eat at a Red Lobster--that is heresy. You steam your own--with lots of melted butter or find a shack by the sea.

(are you inland or coastal)? You don't have to tell. Enjoy. I hope you have long Johns. :)

mansuetude said...

Boston and Maine are two very different worlds...

i am so jealous.

Disa said...

yes, "traffic circle", kentucky drivers treat roundabouts like a 4 way stop, they have no bloody idea what to do when they approach the only 2 in the city.

central maine- 45mins from portland. have already indulged in lobster, LOVE the very animal process of cracking and tearing into it, and i think anything dipped in butter is going to taste pretty darn fabulous :)

mansuetude said...

Sounds like NC when it drizzles here, the whole place turns into a start stop start stop... perhaps they are drying their brakes as they go along. :)

New Englanders know how to drive--even in snow storms. Its fun to watch Boston drivers "tunnel out" of a storm when they have no place (to pile the snow). Your blood will have to thicken after living in sultry Kentucky.