Sunday, April 13, 2008

sweet seventeen

i was feeling pretty smug (note: smugness really provides camouflage for fear) at the prospect of running (completing- it's important to think positively) 17 miles. i had 8 hours of sleep in the bank, some steaming hot porridge (high glyceamic index: good, egg mcmuffin: bad), a complete evacuation of the bowels, and a "rest day" (lying around and reading two books) prior. the course was mapped out and bullet pointed, stashed in a zip loc bag (no chance of my backsweat blurring our route directions).

and then i walked out of the door.

cold, wind, rain. the triathalon of meteorology. if fleet feet had been open, or REI/UPS delivered to: public bathrooms, top of dog hill, cherokee park (in 30 minutes), i would have dropped the cash for a piece of overpriced, technical raingear. instead, i settled on whining as the accessory du jour.

fortunately for my buddy, there was no reason to whine. the rain eased off, our legs and lungs felt great, the new course was interesting (flat), no chafing issues (inside thigh chub had been adequately "buttered"), and we had sufficient water/gel/gu/sport bean/clif blok breaks.

(several hours later...)

it was a relief to reach the car- "only another 9 miles and we'd have run a full marathon"- i can't imagine adding another 2, or eating anymore fruit flavoured, sugary energy snacks. my left hip ached, and my feet felt like prisoners of asphalt war.

~ i will have to remove my nail polish to check the toenails.


mansuetude said...

i bet even any whining you do is full of brilliant re,marks. :)

Buttered up.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yike!!!!!!!! I'm glad the weather let up for you & congrats!!!!!

Melinder said...

Using the chamois butter or butt paste? They both provide good surface friction support. Shame you could not use real butter. Mmmm. Butter.