Sunday, March 9, 2008

ice queen (of the road)

due to the snowstorm that "suffocated" the derby city this weekend, not to mention my own disproportionate ratio of simple carbs consumed (in the last 48 hours times 4) to kilojoules (not) expended, it was time to head out today, and get a run in. i am training for a marathon, you know.

so i shuffled, jogged, walked, skidded, skated, and hopped on the pre-plotted 6 mile "terrain". i think i actually like "running" in ice and snow, it forces me to go a lot slower than my uh, "race pace". i may even pretend there is ice and snow on the ground when i do eventually run the marathon.

in san diego.

in june.


Not Goth said...

Wow you are hardcore madam. I almost feel guilty about the fact I got in the outdoor not heated pool today ;)

mansuetude said...

you could be tied to a stick for a year and your mind is so lightening fast it would run around the globe (entertaining all along the path) and get back before i got out of bed! :)

don't slip out there! Your training must, must, must pay off!