Monday, February 18, 2008

ring! ring!

i struggle to switch the time on my car's clock during the bi-annual fall back/spring forward time change; i am not a "techie". i am also something of a cheap ass. therefore, purchasing, let alone figuring out how to download personalized ringtones, is well out of my range. however, if i had to select a "theme" for callers (some of whom are not listed in my contacts) these are what would cue me to answer the call (or not):

"psycho killer"
"i want to ride my bicycle"
"rambling man"
"fix you"
"thorn in my side"
"reason to believe"
"ring of fire"
"jaws" theme music
"i try"
"material girl"
"girls just wanna have fun"
"beat it"
"got to give it up"
"worn me down"
"bust a move"
"youre so vain", interchangeable with "fat bottomed girls" and "she drives me crazy"
"leaving on a jet plane"
"shiny, happy people"

~you know who you are.


mansuetude said...

someday we'll see people fidgeting on the other end, and we'll tell by their mood, if we want to answer. I don't answer most of the time anymore.

I think i am the psycho killer. (do i kill psychos or am i the psycho who kills) its killing me to ask. :)

Melinder said...

I had The Police, "Wrapped Around My Finger" for a while. Funny stuff.

Disa said...

actually the people who think they know who they are /it is are probably wrong and automatically get a "youre so vain" ringtone.

Not Goth said...

LOL "psycho killer" would make an excellent ring tone.