Wednesday, February 13, 2008

family orchard

there is nothing like the moment (s) of realization that your "apple" fell and got wedged between the roots of your parent's "tree".

growing up, i detested taking aeroplane trips (anywhere, for any reason) with my family, and not because our luggage "allowance" was closer to the population of china, than of 2 adults/2 kids. the pre-departure ritual involved my usually laid back father turning into the travel militia; snapping fingers, barking orders, and asking if we had packed x/y/z while we were trying to sit and quietly watch cartoons. of course, my wonderfully anally retentive mother always packed everything 5 hours prior, folding our clothing in ways that would make the people working at benetton weep. ironically, dad is (in)famous for only packing 3 pairs of underpants, shorts, and running shoes for 2 weeks in spain. my theory is that he could not tolerate seeing his family sitting; waiting to leave somewhere (again).

fast forward, oh, 30-something years. now i get apprehensive about going to the airport, but that is more attributed to turbulence, terrorists and technical difficulties. but when it comes time for me to separate/leave/end any situation, i start to recognize a very familiar; must-keep-busy-and-moving-don't-stop-or-sit-at-any-costs energy.

i have always teased my dad that the only thing i inherited from him was flat feet and myopia. my mother will be delighted to learn that i can blame some of my non-genetic childhood issues on him for a change. and now i am (in)famous for being the person who has forgotten to pack her knickers for a 2 week trip; twice.


Jawz3 said...

Newton discovered the law of gravity when the apple fell from the tree.. and I can only interpret that this topic has too much 'gravity'

Muri said...

Leopards do change their spots.. as they get older.Now we/I only pack for two and only 2 hours before the flight.

Melinder said...

I asked JT if he was packed and ready for ONE MONTH overseas last night and he told me that he was basically ready, one backpack, two pairs of shorts, shoes, and a book! OH someone like me would just FREAK!

Disa said...

he wouldn't have to worry about forgetting to pack his underwear!