Thursday, February 7, 2008

the honeymoon is over

i was forwarded what seemed an initially depressing article that would reinforce any residual apprehensions i have not shed about the "C" word. however, there is hope.

"marriage: it's only going to get worse";_ylt=AskTdKv9Gu8w.UArCXvUt4Ks0NUE (yeah, i cant figure out how to do that whole "enclosure link" thing) i have already moved past any embarassment at taking a poo with the bathroom door open, so i'm certainly on my way to being a manipulated "statistic" for the purpose of this article.

i am practiced in the fine art of picking; cuticles, scabs (mine and others), baby blankets, paint off coffee shop tables, and other people's quirks and idiosyncracies- an advanced degree with a specialization in how other's conduct their separation of darks/lights/smalls and how they load a dishwasher (big no-no are the non-rinsers).

it would appear that couples who stay together longer become more and more irritated with each other.

(insert witty closing comment here).

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