Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"it's mega maid; she's gone from suck to blow" (or empathy & affirmation)

i am not a big fan of mirrors and their annoyingly blatant reflections, however i recently had an opportunity to experience what it would be like to date myself-- thankfully, i can appreciate excessive amounts of garlic.

i have been known to exhibit the emotional availability of an ironing board, while pushing the rejection and abandonnment buttons in other people. however, a mere sneeze activates my own. which is why i do not usually run or chase "after"- too risky, and i speak as the person who wont throw blue jeans in with "the whites", or cut in before her "youre sitting so far back in the plane you'll be assuming the fetal position in the nose cone" group is called at the departure gate.

it is hard to continuously put oneself out there emotionally, physically, and verbally when it feels like a black hole is vacuum super sucking all of these things, and the direction is only one way (away) (or my way). the hoover has been retired; it is time to stand, wait and reflect back (and wait).

still not a big fan of mirrors, but they're a lot more fun to look into after you've had a long over due make-over.

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mansuetude said...

you could kiss the mirror next time... of course most of what we do is about mirroring eachother anyway... i think you're "too smart" and witty to worry!!