Monday, December 10, 2007

a co-dependent's purgatory

the all prevailing and incessant need to be liked by others is a life long project for codies. as long as they have breath in their bodies they will exhaust themselves with gifts, entreaties, and more mea culpa than a 747 full of martyrs in order to improve their public opinion poll.

however, the only thing worse than not being liked, is not being able to do anything about it. codies die young, all that self flagellation can bring on a heart attack, no doubt a relief for the even more emotionally drained people in their orbits. their funerals doubtless have a number of resentful and pissed off, over smothered attendees. and all the codie ghost can do is hover around in misery helpess to beg, plead or turn somersaults to change opinions.

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Melinder said...

I guess we can always hope for incarnation as something everyone will enjoy!