Saturday, November 10, 2007

she pushed me!

having worked with emotionally and behaviorally disordered children/adults for 9 years, i really should know better. whether it's obeying the "15 items or less" rule (and no, "two for one" does not count as one of the fifteen), or pocketing all the blank tiles in scrabble; people do not always conduct themselves as they are "supposed" to.

flag football was initially presented to me as the 'non-violent/non-physical' alternative to the slow paced carnage that seems to be on every bloody tv channel; daily. however, during today's game i was shoved aside by one winsome wench only to be barreled into by another freight train of a female (aaah, more girls with something to prove). in stressful situations we all regress emotionally to a younger state; like 5.

i wanted to smack her across the face (with my strawberry shortcake lunch box).


mansuetude said...

That last line made me laugh--surely I shall live longer for the laughter your blog feeds.

Seriously, whoever steals all the blank scrabble pieces might be brilliant; it makes me think that person is looking for a new language, since the blank spots always initiate a permission to create a letter to fit one's needs... so maybe that person is looking to find a blank page to say something... unique?

Just a thought, but its just me/my own creation.. since I have no idea the content.

Anne said...

Lucky for you Strawberry Shortcake is back in fashion, put it on your Christmas list!

Happily Even After said...

i have been appalled at the jekel/hyde me that emerges on a football (soccer) field. me, the peace-loving, turn-the-other-cheek, if-i-had-a-hammer songstress becomes a raging bitch on the field when someone else doesn't play nice. I play nice, of course, but as soon as they don''s fire with fire.