Wednesday, October 17, 2007

pull my flag

while the "scotch tapes" were not victorious in the first flag football game of the season we did "throw", "snap", and "pass" (i use quotation marks because these verbs were quite a feat--at least for my so called british ass/arse). apparently i also did something involving a "sack", which i find a little disturbing as i thought this was supposed to be a church league.

the recap: i pulled a flag. people cheered.

yay me.


Melinder said...

Um, we also collected sweat and had one touch down...although we were charged with flag guarding which is too ironic since the goal is to NOT have people pull your flags. At least we were coordinated!!!!

mansuetude said...

You play football against THOSE talking walking sides of beef.? I impressed. Yay You!

Happily Even After said...

OK, if you're not addicted to this game after 2.5 seconds of playing, I'll eat your flags. B/c Flag Football is THE BEST GAME EVER. I played running back and wide receiver in college. We were Champions for the TENTH season in a row (obviously this started while I was still wearing Rainbow Bright--Go Whitman DGs!) The crotch rot of cycling? blech. But flag football? F-U-N.