Thursday, October 25, 2007

babymama drama

men are rumoured to be ruled by their hormones, women are renowned for it; teenage girls, pregnant teenage girls, pregnant women, new mothers, menopausal grandmothers. and yet many in possession of an excess of, cycling with, or reduction in oestrogen appear to need to "prove" that they can do it all. hear me roar, cry, and then deconstruct my feelings for you on colour coded, scented index cards before i chop wood with my right pinky (blindfolded).

strenuous physical activity is a wonderful way to sublimate aggression. or...a place to work out "daddy just didn't give me enough attention" issues. my flag football team recently witnessed one 'not so delicate flower', break two fingers in the pre-season scrimmage (requiring surgery and a cast), only to throw herself into a mid-game brawl this past weekend. both she and the hubby (a burly quarterback more than capable of taking care of himself) appear to share a preponderance towards a very active, non-verbal expression of their anger. while mr. QB was using the universal sign of "i am about to beat your face into a bloody pulp" towards our QB, his mrs charged onto the field to fight for Her Man's honour. fortunately she exercised exquisite judgement in her choice to drop baby-on-hip and toddler-in-hand at the sideline, thus ensuring them an uninterrupted view of "conflict resolution".

it required significant self control not to hand her a business card.


mansuetude said...

Can i blame estrogen for my insanity, too?

I grew up in a house full of women (though there were men present, always) so its just so normal that we fluxuate monthly--though some of us are better at it than others, and use the monthly time to unleash the pent up inner deamonic whiplash tongue.

Jill said...

Sounds like FUN!!!!!!!!! (I think?!?!?!) I've always wanted to chop wood with my right pinky blindfolded. In fact, my right pinky has always wanted to be blindfolded... :-0 Or something. :-) :-) :-)

Kat said...

This is hilarious. Have you heard that BudLight Real Men of Genius about Mr Overly Competitive Touch Football Game Player? Please listen to it at

Warning: Do not listen while drinking milk because it will skip the esophagus and project straight out of your nose.