Monday, August 13, 2007

out of boundaries

walking into my weekly "anonymous" meeting i was joking to a fellow codie how there was very little anonymity involved (i had just been accosted last week by the subject of an earlier CODA (codependent's anonymous) blog who i work with; she demanded to know how often i frequented the serenity prayer-fest). a couple of weeks ago i bumped into another anonymous codie in the cous cous aisle at whole foods. he was very polite, pleasant, and appropriate as we parted ways at the pita chip display.

"do you have a college degree?" [mr polite, pleasant, and appropriate said to me, following tonight's meeting]. i don't know if i was more shocked at the randomness of the question, or the truth of my answer (i graduated with my master's 7 years ago; older yes, wisdom is neglibible). he then informed me that he worked for a rather large, global health care company (no name dropping here, but they have their own building, downtown), and they were looking for someone to liase with the london office as apparently the brits and yanks really are western cousins divided by the same language/culture/giant body of water. for the sheer, simple 'this could be an interesting story' factor, i took his number and agreed to call his office at the end of the week. i am not currently seeking employment at this time, however, my friends make up a veritable united nations of backgrounds, so if no donna-karen-dry-cleaned-suit-corporate-expense-account-flying-first-class-on-the-red-eye-to-heathrow pans out for me, i may be able to hook someone else up with a lead.

i am nothing, if not co-dependent.

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maggie said...

i'm sick of mental health and could use a substantial raise. still looking for a part timer.