Wednesday, July 25, 2007

parallel process

definition: a process in which two or more sequences of activities are going on simultaneously.

no, this is not in reference to the uncanny ability of a group of females, who co-exist in the same space for even a short period (ha!) of time, to synchronize the states of 'irritable' and 'needy'. although i would argue that any male who comes into contact with a regularly ovulating female, will also experience similar shifts in mood and an impoverished sense of self.

it would appear that there are some universal themes that are constant, however i only become aware of them (rather like suddenly noticing the roads are filled with other L-plated novice drivers when learning how to reverse park and master the art of a 3 point turn) if it mirrors my own experience. this evening, i listened to a 'degree of separation friend' who is experiencing relationship stress; his frustration sounded all too familiar, as he had apparently been dating my emotional "twin". nothing like empathizing with someone in pain and concurrently examining your own inventory. bloody karma; so much for geography and running away.

thank god for "universality". definition: the character or state of being universal; existence or prevalence everywhere.

it's nice to know that other people are anxious/angry, changing jobs/significant others, rubbing/picking at baby blankets/shell sweatpants, letting go, and tantrumming along with you.


kicker of elves said...

what in the good hell are you freaking over ('freaking' as blanket term covering all of your closing anxieties?) Sounds like you're in a good spot there, really. Look at your posts from two months ago and tell me different (don't tell me to do the same - I can't afford the drugs now.)

Is it too Hoosier to say '…tell me different?' Perhaps so. Ugh.

disa said...

you are correct, dr freud. all is much better than a few months ago. im being a little melodramatic due to hormones and creative (?) BS.

i believe it would be the adverb, differently, rather than the adjective different.

why are you still a hoosier? i thought you were becoming a michigan-ite? is that why you need medicating?

total-spender said...

Since when have women been able to multi-task with a number of 'activities' at the same time?

disa said...

i thought i was multi tasking until someone pointed out that i wasnt. apparently i was just starting a lot of things.

Jill said...

If you start a lot of things all at the same time, isn't it still multitasking? :-) :-0 :-)

Women aren't supposed to be able to multitask? I thought it was men who weren't supposed to be able to multitask.

Laura said...
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disa said...

-apparently my ovaries have been revoked due to my inability to efficiently multi task.

-im done (?)

jawz3 said...

I like the word parallel but somehow 'random', as in process, seems to me more appropriate