Thursday, June 28, 2007

teenage boys are not from mars...

they were an anathema to me then, and they have not demystified their ways of all things testosterone now that i am old enough to be their mother (if i had been a precocious teenager myself). young men of 2007 are definitley not made from puppy dog's tails, unless they are the spawn of cerberus guarding the gates of hades. this past week i filled in for the therapist of the teen boys' house while she was away in the virgin islands. granted, these are some very angry boys, however, i was in need of anger management by the end of 60 minutes (60 minutes in dog year terms).

socialization at an early age is obviously key to understanding "other", however, a brother who stuffed crisp packets behind the bunk bed and locked me in the sideboard cabinet, or a father who walked (still walks) around the house in a t-shirt and underwear perseverating on standards of oral hygiene, left me with a "swiss cheese" knowledge of the not so fair sex, in addition to questioning the sanity of my mother.

my final assessment can be conceptualized as this: boys (they are all little boys) really dont care about clothes or underwear (unless it's their significant others'), they develop strange obsessions for random, and quite often useless, objects (the trophy tart girlfriend), and for some strange reason they continue to refer to adult, female mammaries as "boobies" long into their 30's.

oddly enough these are also my criteria.


total-spender said...


I can assure you (and your readers) that I do not refer to breasts as 'boobies'. (That said, the terms that I do use are most probably worthy of ridicule).

kicker of elves said...

Granted that you'll admit to desiring partnership with a teenage boy I will do my best to steer you away: 1) from what I can see they are mostly and mainly budding criminals (which may also be a point in their favor, I realize, but take it from me that I make this point in order to count it in the negative column); 2) "boobies" don't count, and 3) have you seen what these kids (boys) are having to deal with these days in the form of teenage girls - really - who's parenting these monsters? (of course it occurs to me now that you know very well the answer to that one - you are lucky enough to deal with them daily, I'm sure).

disa said...

i have not been commenting on my own blogs because i felt that would take my narcissism and self absorption to entirely new levels, however, i have decided to "be like everyone else"... "boobies" is a term i have heard grown, suit wearing, brief case carrying, mortgage owning (?) men use. its a little disconcerting to hear. teenage girls ARE indeed pretty trashy. my mother used to be horrified that madonna might corrupt my innocent little mind, she's actually pretty tame compared to britney, lindsay, paris and the gang.