Tuesday, June 26, 2007

enquiring minds spend way too much time on the toilet

the 3 year old wants to know "why"- the sky is blue/ onions make you cry/ parents are so obsessed with them taking naps. the oxymoronic adult 3 year old (that would be me), wants to know why cant maybelline, cover girl, or clinique invent make-up with similar properties to 'cheese-in-a-can', which would therefore translate into an expiration date on target with the apocalypse, as opposed to needing to be replaced in the time it takes milk to go off. or why it is harder to park a car in between the lines, in a space that is wide open, when there are no other cars to avoid hitting (reversing in and out a minimum of 4 times), as opposed to gliding straight in, in between a minivan and an army tank?


total-spender said...

Disa - I thought it was scientifically *proven* that women cant drive !

disa said...

indeed. and i drive like a grandma; female AND old. the only thing that would make it worse was if i was a hoosier (from indiana)