Friday, June 8, 2007

barbie is a hoochie-mama

part of my job description involves re-stocking the playroom, and our barbies appear to be holding a nudist convention in the rubbermaid container, so it was time to get them some clothes. the toy aisle enlightened me to the fact that barbie of 2007 is qualitatively different from 80's barbie. the trademark hair, boobs and legs are all present and accounted for, however she now sports tattoos on her plastic back, hip, and belly. *

i am not puritanical, despite being raised in 'cover up to your elbows and mid calf' muslim countries. however, i do not see the advantage in providing little girls with 'pole dancing barbie' unless this is some new and X-treme politically correct phenomena to demonstrate that even the worlds 'oldest profession' is OK; if thats what you want to be when you grow up.

* accessories are sold separately: miniature money to tuck into her undergarments.


Anonymous said...

Barbie has tats!!! Yipee! Of course when they start putting in body jewelry- hmmmmm....

If you would like to update your Barbs- I would be happy to whip out the Sharpie and give them a'tramp stamp' or barbed wire ankle tat :-). Got to figure it will make the kids feel more at home.


total-spender said...

I wonder if there's an equivalent makeover for 'Action Man' (I'm showing my age now).

I'm thinking tats, pierced tongue and nipples, wife beater vest and miniature money. That said, what with metrosexual man the accessories would most probably be pink rubber gloves for the washing up and a range of coloured dusters.

Anne said...

Personally, I don't know why they come with clothes. They never seem to actually wear them.