Tuesday, May 1, 2007

working 9 to 5

whether i want to or not, the universe appears to be insisting that it is time to "grow up". i think im ok with that. sort of.

i have been offered the position as clinical director for a crisis/residential facility for the zero to fives. i will carry a small caseload (how much "so tell me about your relationship with your crackhead mother?" can you really do with an 18 month old?) 50% of the time, and the remainder will be spent sitting at my desk blogging, checking email, i mean, supervising the staff (my staff!). this is the piece i am having difficulty processing. "supervising" "my staff". i am used to being the entry level subordinate with the supersize caseload. as a child, i was extremely bossy, not that my younger brother, or anyone else, paid too much attention. i am used to people not listening to me. now people are going to be paid to do what i tell them.

however, this is the year that i started a vanguard retirement plan so that i would have more than $200 a month to splurge on some super absorbency depends when im old and crusty. i also put money in a mutual fund (i'm still not entirely sure what this is, but i just "did what [i] was told"). and last year i got a new car; it has power windows, no rust, and one of those key clicky thingies to unlock the doors (the true litmus test of adulthood is being able to unlock your car from the entrance of target, or while youre ensconced in your bathroom reading the newspaper). before i know it, i'll be getting mammograms, worrying about osteoperosis and buying matching pink and lime green, spring flowered outfits at chico's.

the methadone clinic sounded fun, but not a "career move". i hope this doesnt mean i have to put on make up and iron clothes before i go to work.


Ipsofacto said...

That's great news Disa !!

"i hope this doesnt mean i have to put on make up and iron clothes before i go to work."

You will put on said clothes before you go to work, or just iron them?

But seriously, I hope you'll share with us some juicy anecdotes that arise from the new job. Congrats !

kicker of elves said...

I wouldn't sweat the supervisory responsibilities too much. I imagine this will essentially involve being pleasant with these folks, allowing them to do their thing, and to keep them from letting their own blogging interfere with what might need to be done on the day to day. If these folks are younger than you you'll probably have to do a bit of babysitting too: settling squabbles, listening to complaints about pet-peeves, etc. I'd focus more on what you would like this position to do for YOU in terms of employment opportunities down the road. This is a long and sideways way of saying congrats!

Melinder said...

Alright Disa...time to get on the BITCH face with your staff....kick em...punch em...make em cry. They should call you "mam" and only speak to you when spoken to...OR YOU COULD MAKE THEM A PIE...SO THEY WILL LIKE YOU! LOL!

Welcome to the working world...my ironing board is available!

Linda said...

Yo, girl go. Such a high powered position...I guess you will really need to de-stress on the weekends now. Here's hoping all goes smoothly.