Tuesday, May 1, 2007

frisbee golf is for the unemployed

in less than a week, it will be my 5 year anniversary of riding in an ambulance (while inebriated on mint julips) with a virtual stranger that i invited to my friend's derby party. he had collapsed on her new, leather pottery barn couch in excruciating pain. unbeknownst to him, he had ruptured his spleen while falling off his skateboard a week prior. now he has a gnarly scar on his abdomen to commemorate the moment. he has been re-christened "spleen jonathon".

i have not seen "spleen jonathon" in over 2 years, today we compared notes over a game of frisbee golf (i still throw like a girl, dodgeball did nothing to improve my skills); left the country, moved back, had relationship/ended relationship, moved across country, moved back, unemployed, living in spare bedroom, everyone else in peer group appears to be employed/married/babied/mini vanned.

derby is this saturday. we are going to hang out. we are not going to have any more organs removed; neither one of us has health insurance.


Ipsofacto said...

I really need to get out more. Needless to say I know what both frisbee and golf are.

What the bloody hell is 'frisbee golf' ?

Melinder said...

Disa...the Derby is similar to Iraq...you may not return and taking a piss could get you killed...GOOD LUCK!