Tuesday, May 29, 2007

memorial day field trip

memorial day weekend is typically a time to remember those who have sacrificed their lives for this country (being an alien i dont get all misty at the; hand on heart, hat doffing, and singing patriotic ditties), shopping the sales (possessing a uterus qualifies for automatic participation), and the great american tradition of whacking monstrous chunks of beef onto hot charcoal (i am partial to hot cow on toasted bread). however, this past weekend didn't involve any of the aforementioned activities. rather, it was a random patchwork of people (age, nationality, sexual orientation, emotional maturity), cuisine (mexican, vietnamese, vegetarian, fresh produce) and outings. as previously cited, the outings began with squatting in a field, followed by frisbee golf. my flinging and aiming has improved significantly since the first excursion, although i am now itchy, so perhaps i did spend a little too much time in the woods rooting through poison ivy to retrieve my poorly aimed throws. hydration was an important and necessary feature to the weekend where mojitos, the 'mexican mint juleps', were consumed at regular intervals, to the soundtrack of old, white men playing steel drums in a park gazebo. the weekend climaxed (ha!) with a field trip to the over 21's version of "toys r us". the jeopardy question being: "what happens when you combine pina coladas with a group of social service professionals and a radiology technician?"

and what an enlightening experience it was. unfortunately, these are things that i am now unable to erase from the mental hard drive. obviously some citizens out there have an excess of money and are either lacking in their own personal creativity, or are trying to be entirely too creative for their own good. with that said, there was much school girl (and boy, this was a co-ed venture) tittering and giggling a la 'behind the bikeshed'. pay attention: here comes the soft and cuddly moral of the story; whether youre at an adult store, grocery store or mattress store, if the collective sense of humour falls under the umbrella of "puerile", it is either going to be a very long evening, or youre in jolly good company.


total-spender said...

I think the concept of puerility is seriously underrated. I salute you.

Sounds like you had a blast. I'm still have trouble coming to terms with a 'radiology technician' who has a sense of humour. lol.

Just joshin' !

mistresschickey said...

radiation therapist....got that one wrong sista.

well we love our toys...fo' shizzle and izzle and ooooooooohhhhhhweeeeeeeeeee