Tuesday, April 10, 2007

writer's blog

a friend, and occasional subscriber to my written neuroses, asked me how i identified subjects to blog about. aside from the rather obvious issue of adolescent self absorption, themes are generally grouped into; rants (single, random episode, or ongoing, brought to a rolling boil events); personal angst that is vague enough to strangers, but blindingly bloody obvious to the more acquainted; what i have been up to. from my random blog hopping, this appears to be fairly typical of many office workers who are letting their productivity slide, or stay at home mothers keeping their friends and family up to date on little jessica and johnnie's latest spit up or smack down milestone. showers appear to be my particular catalyst for (creative) bullshit; following the shampoo, a quick rinse on thesaurus.com for some impressive sounding 4 syllable synonyms and a squeaky clean new blog with a hint of spring flowers is ready to publish.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I find a number of obstacles/challenges present themselves whenever it comes to writing new material. In particular, the following seem to be insurmountable:

1. Nothing happens in Korea.
2. When it does I invariably have difficultly recalling it due to amnesia.