Sunday, April 22, 2007

oestrogen-fest at otter

"why cant things stay the same?" this was my perpetual lament as a child, and the whine of the day during the 'dysfunctional amigos' mountain bike ride at otter creek today. it has been almost a year since i have ridden there, and has always been one of my favourite places in kentucky to get mud splatted and scratched, so i was looking forward to it (and getting melinderrr's bike dirty on some easier terrain than younger's creek).

many trails had been re-routed, skipping out some fun sections, thus sending me into autistic episodes of anxiety and distress (and whining). although the section that has a big, white plastic pipe poking out of the dirt is still there, and i reassuringly maintained my habit of skidding out on it, and landing in the dirt while still attached to my bike (with witnesses).

(horse) poo. i like to say the word, i like to laugh and joke about it, i do not like to ride through piles of it on the trail. it did make for an added "technical" element to the whole excursion, but i have the bike handling co-ordination skills of a paraletic 4 year old. and considering i do not carry any health insurance currently, this is exactly the time that i would find myself dodging turd to go careening off the drop off into the thorny abyss.

by the end of the ride i was salty, sweaty, stinky, itchy (tis the season for another round of full body poison ivy) and very cobwebby. i am greatly looking forward to a reunion mtb ride next month, of myself (trail name: "spider girl") and "grease monkey". fortunately and unfortunately, things do change; horses are now allowed on much of the trail, where you can follow a path of (cigarette) butts and turds, like hansel and gretel. unfortunately i do not get to ride with grease monkey much anymore, but i will get to ride some new trails as she now lives in north carolina.

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