Friday, April 6, 2007

learned behaviour

it is widely recognized by myself, particularly when virtual strangers point out, that i am a classifiable obsessive and control nazi. a random pause moment at any point in my day will capture the autistic like fervour with which i approach very minor tasks.

laundry: aside from the obvious segregation of the colours, and the bedding from the clothes there are some other key procedures that need to be observed. water first, so that detergent can be diluted into a fragrant soup before clothes are added, any deviation from this, for example, putting detergent directly onto clothes could change their colour integrity. following the completion of the rinse cycle, a secondary separation takes place; dryer versus hang to dry. hang to dry would include any kind of technical wicking fabric, and anything that contains an underwire (not commonly found in gentlemen's laundry hampers).

i have not always been this way, natural consequences at boarding school taught me that washing blue jeans with white undies yielded the 'dishwater grey collection'. my mother was horrified that i did not know this, i informed her that she had been a little lax on her maternal tutelage duties, this prompted her to deliver explicit instructions that i have (obviously) not forgotten.


kicker of elves said...

I won't argue with your claim that you are correctly diagnosed by layfolk to exhibit symptoms of an obsessiveness of nazi-caliber, for I have nothing to go on but your own word - but I will say that this laundry routine is entirely familiar (for the most part) and is, to me, just doing the job properly. Even in the places where I can't analog to my own routine the deviations seem not crazy, but practical and smart.
Just apply this explanation with the necessary substitutions of terms, of course, any time someone points out what they feel is pathological behavior, it should shut them up for a minute or two.

Anonymous said...

Crikey! You have turned laundry into a science !

Melindeer said...

Ugh Fabric Softner...I am addicted. I cannot wait for that magic rinse cycle when i can apply the slighltly dilluted stuff to the laundry and enjoy the frangrant soft aroma for days to come!