Saturday, April 7, 2007

13.1 miles of lactic acid, $50 please!

the kentucky derby mini marathon; my first time staying on my feet for long distances that did not include traipsing up and down oxford street, shopping with my mother. it was a time of good girly bonding ("come on ladies, these miles don't run themselves", marykinsey), getting up earlier than any sane human should on saturday mornings, and a more regular poo schedule. we printed and followed the YMCA daily/weekly mileage training plan with the focus i typically see in middle aged house wives cruising michael's for the perfect hot glue gun.

as a seasoned professional, i decided to do the bahrain half marathon early last year with only 2 months of training, it hurt, and not just because i forgot to put on vaseline at the start. late last summer i ran the san diego half marathon (dad needed some new t-shirts) with about a month and a half of training. in an effort to push my envelope to the extreme i am now going to sign up for the ky derby mini marathon '07. i made the decision last friday and started training on saturday.

the race is april 28th.


Anonymous said...

Is the vaseline needed so you can slide down the hills?

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

After a 15 K run last month through Central Park, I had some bad abrasions that I wouldn't expect a woman to be subject to. Vaseline might just turn the trick -- I'll try it on Saturday's Brooklyn Half Marathon.

Linda said...

Maybe the tortured process is what you get most out of these runs. That could explain the seeming increase in intensity caused by the shorted lack of time to prepare. I could think of worse ways to create drama in ones life.