Friday, March 23, 2007

sticks and stones

it's not nice to call people names (to their face). no matter how angry i get i will bite my tongue against "bastards", "son's of bitches", and "aresholes". i will use "turdhead", "fart munch", "dorkus", and "craphead" as terms of endearment. stuffing one's anger is not generally a healthy thing because trying to solve a problem with a mute IS a problem. however, there is something to be said for holding back on these derogatory labels, because while they can be said in anger, once they are said and you are no longer angry and no longer "mean it", they have still been "heard".

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Mohamed Taher said...

hi nice to find another globalists, like me (always I first), then U (not to reduce your status, anyways), and then columbus, amerigo vespesi, Ibn battuta, Al-Idrisi (Arab travellers), etc.
What surprises me is, that I browsed thro your blog, enjoyed reading all the stuff, then clicked next.
Luck, fate or serendipity, brought me to yet another similar traveller, whose most recent post is all-ado-about How to be a 'Total Traveller'....
Anyway, scan your certificates, before the paper quality or the ink fades.... (my 2 cents worth advise)
Best, MT